Video Production and Motion Graphics for USACHCS

This video was created to showcase the mission and capabilities of the US Army Chaplain Center and School (USACHCS). I was asked to take this presentation, originally just some powerpoint slides filled with text, and make something more interesting to represent our Simulation Center. After some brainstorming, I decided on a soldier interacting with a computer program. (I used Tony Stark and Jarvis from the Iron Man movies as inspiration!) I only had about 2 weeks to complete this project, so I started with some pre-made hud elements and did some heavy editing to get the framework I needed. During this time we filmed the soldier on a green screen and recorded the voice of another. I did editing on the video footage and the audio, making the audio a bit more "computer" sounding. The final product is just under 8 minutes and was used to brief a large class on the capabilities of the USACHCS Simulation Center. It is also used each time the Simulation Center briefs anyone on the capabilities and mission of the center.

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